1) How do I get my skis to the top of the mountain? At check in, we will tag all your gear and a drop bag with your bib number, put it in a truck and it will be waiting for you at the top! 

2) How do I get back down at the end of the day? Usually, there are enough cars to get people and gear back down at the end of the day. Some bikers chose to bike down when they are ready to go or to arrange with other competitors to drop a car at the ski basin prior to the start of the race and carpool down. This year we will have a shuttle from Mello Vello take people and bikes down around 4 PM. 

3) Where do I park? If you are parking in Santa Fe, your best option will to drop your car at the parking lot for the cathedral (E on this map) and pay $10 for the day. THERE WILL NOT BE PARKING AVAILABLE AT MELLO VELLO.

4) But what about the snacks? We will have a full tailgate spread waiting for you at the ski basin complete with a special plaza2peak edition beer!

Please email with other questions!